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Why We Do What We Do

Let's face it...parties aren't just for kids. Grown Folk like to party too! So, why are adult party supplies so boring? Well, they aren't here! We guarantee you won't find products like ours in those big box party supply stores! We've created some great themes and resources to help you throw a party that will have your friends saying, "now that was a party!"

As life happens, we face some pretty epic moments. Some are great: engagements, weddings (we have lots of stuff to make those times even more fun), children, new jobs, new boobs, know, the good times! Then, you or a friend gets hit with a divorce, a job loss, a cancer know...not just bad, but really hard times. That's where we come in! In 2014, we decided to create a space to take back the power over those shitty times. So, Grown Folk Party was born--here to create an atmosphere of celebration around the good times and bring friends together in the hard times. 

So when life gives you lemons, add some vodka and THROW A PARTY!